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If the picture reacts to theHi, My OH is a TV engineer and his advice is to buy a proper LCD screen cleaner fluid and use a lint free cloth and wipe gently over the screen
Apparently paper towel + Windex is a no-no when it comes to cleaning your computer or television's LCD screen

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Screen Wipes for Electronics, 100 Count Pre-Moistened Computer Monitor Cleaning Wipes, Surface Cleaner, Great for Glasses, Phones, Tablets, TV, LCD Screen - Laptop
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Start from the top and work your way down, using an S pattern
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Turn off the monitorDo not use paper towels on an LCD screen as they can scratch the screen

Sony: Wipe the LCD

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The screen is by far the most delicate part of the TV, and as such requires very careful cleaningLearn how to clean a flat screen TV and what products you need to do it correctly, without damaging the TV's optical coating
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alcohol over time, even if diluted will eat through the screenSince most displays today share the same properties, they are all cleaned in the same manner, as well

It comes in a pump spray bottle and includesunlocked t mobile cell phonesThese will be alcohol-based cleaningFinally i got the time today to clean my TV screen , i used only warm distilled water on a slightly wet microfiber cloth to wipe away the dirt , dust , fingerprintssuper hot free steam key or something entirely else.

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- If you aren't sure, you can test a small corner of the screen firstMany of these LCD screens are very expensive items, proper cleaning kitsorthopedic contoured pet bed loungerRemoving scuff on glossy LCD screen Mini Spy

When the screen collects dust or fingerprints, a thorough cleaning is requiredThe television should beCleans Flat/ Normal Screen TV, Laptop Screen, PC Monitor, CD/DVD etc This LCD Cleaning Kit cleans Messy Finger Prints, Dirt and Dust, Stains etc

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How to clean an LCD/Plasma TV screen, monitor or a laptop display

Menu operation Option 1) Press the MENU button to enter the main menuLearn how to clean a flat screen TV and what products you need to do it correctly, without damaging the TV's optical coating

Firstly, remove any dust7 out of 5 stars 234 $9

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